I’m Stephen, a UX and product designer with 7 years of experience working on digital tools, ecosystems, and experiences.


I work both entrenched in cross-disciplinary teams, and in independent UX advisory roles. For clients who know what they need, I can step in at any stage of the user-centered design process. For those who don’t, I can advise on and execute the best approach to a project, pulling from a range of methodologies:


  • Requirements gathering
  • Content/experience audits
  • Research planning and execution
  • Competitive analysis


  • Experience and content strategy
  • Concepting and ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Feature prioritization


  • Information architecture
  • UI and interaction design
  • Cross-discipline collaboration
  • Testing and iteration

I believe it’s important to empathize with the behaviors, desires, needs, and problems of both users and clients. I believe the why is more important than the what. I believe every meeting should have a purpose, deliverables can be beautiful, and thinking should be polished, forward-thinking, and thought-through.

I’m currently based in New York, but am available for work here, LA, London, Bangkok, Singapore, the cloud… try me.

To get in touch, just email me or visit me on LinkedIn.